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    construction simulator 2022 torrent

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    Construction Simulator 2022 PC Download

    Construction Simulator 2022 PC Download

    Construction Simulator is the resumption of the series about driving machines on construction sites. Weltenbauer Studio is responsible for the creation of the title, which created levels in the game inspired by locations from the United States and Germany.

    Construction Simulator 2022 PC Download – Review:

    As the head of the construction site, we manage the machines we choose, arrange new contracts for the company and implement them within the allotted time. The entire gameplay takes place on two fully open maps, dotted with places where we perform tasks assigned to us. During the work we have to adapt to the current weather conditions and the time of day, because the game offers a dynamic system of day and night.

    At your disposal we have more than 70 different machines, from trucks, through excavators, to huge cranes. Their appearance and functionality were based on the equipment existing in the real world: the developers added 9 more to the licenses known from the previous parts, m.in. from Doosan, DAF or cifa, bringing their total number to 25. We have 90 different contracts to fulfill, under which we build both residential and commercial buildings, as well as roads and bridges, leaving a lasting mark on the world presented. Depending on the vehicle, the position of the camera changes, so we do some of the work from the FPP perspective, others from the TPP, and still others from the top-down. Most activities involve tracing shapes drawn on the ground, arranging the elements in the correct order in their places, or transporting building materials from the warehouse to the construction site.

    Construction Simulator 2022 PC Download draws attention to faithfully reproduced machines and conditions prevailing on the construction site. The game also offers an extensive system of physics of the earth dug by us, faithfully reproducing its behavior under the influence of the actions of our equipment.

    Construction Simulator 2022 Trailer

    Game Specification

    Download Size: 10 GB

    Languages: EN, DE, FR, IT, PL, RU, KO, EL

    Game Mode: Single Player / Multiplayer

    Platform: PC

    Construction Simulator 2022 Installer:

    (PC Installer)

    Minimum system requirements

    How to download

    Yazı kaynağı : reworkedgames.eu

    Construction Simulator on Steam

    Construction Simulator on Steam

    About This Game


    Yazı kaynağı : store.steampowered.com

    Construction Simulator

    Construction Simulator Download FULL PC GAME - Full-Games.org

    Construction Simulator Download FULL PC GAME - Full-Games.org

    Construction Simulator is back – bigger and better than ever! Get back to work with a vehicle fleet whose size will knock your socks off. Beyond brands like Caterpillar, CASE and BELL that are already familiar in the Construction Simulator series, you can get behind the wheel of new licensed machines from partners like DAF and Doosan – over 70 in total.

    Build to your heart’s content on two maps, inspired by landscapes in the USA and Germany.

    Over 90 exciting tasks are waiting to be completed in both maps combined, so there’s always something new to explore!

    Each map has its own campaign through which you become the owner of your own construction company. As you start from scratch assisted by your mentor Hape, you get bigger and more interesting jobs to grow your company and expand your fleet. You’ll also meet different clients that will challenge you. Tasks like renovating the harbor area to attract more tourists or helping the struggling inner city to recover will demand all your skills.

    On the European map inspired by the idyllic cities of Southwest Germany, you’ll find rolling hills and beautiful riversides. In Friedenberg your mission is to help design solutions for renewable energy and improve the city’s infrastructure during the campaign. Aside from these larger jobs, you’ll get assorted tasks to test out every bit of equipment that you earn. Take pride in your accomplishments as you ride through the city!

    Of course, players can look forward to familiar brands and machines from previous installments of the franchise. All these officially licensed partners come with familiar machines and new ones – sporting improved looks: Atlas, BELL, Bobcat, Bomag, CASE, Caterpillar©, Kenworth, Liebherr, MAN, Mack Trucks, Meiller-Kipper, Palfinger, Still, and the Wirtgen Group.

    In addition to the known license partners, players can enjoy a new selection: Benninghoven of the Wirtgen Group, Cifa, DAF, Doosan, Nooteboom, Scania, Schwing Stetter and Wacker Neuson. Enjoy officially licensed personal protection equipment for your player character with the new license partner Engelbert Strauss.

    Look forward to over 70 machines from these license partners, all faithfully recreating their real-life counterparts. Not only can you grow your own construction empire, you can also invite up to three friends to join you. Coordinate and build together to finish contracts even more efficiently!


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    File Extention : .exe

    Platform : PC

    Yazı kaynağı : full-games.org

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