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    joy is not an easy power to master. it infects you, becomes you. ❞

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    joy is not an easy power to master. it infects you, becomes you. ❞ Ne90'dan bulabilirsiniz

    LoLdle quote of the day - "Joy is not an easy power to master. It infects you, becomes you." solution

    LoLdle quote of the day -

    Despite being a 2021 launch, Wordle was a staple of the year 2022. It became a global phenomenon, was acquired by The New York Times, and inspired countless spin-offs in just about any theme you can imagine. And LoLdle, created by League of Legends fan Pimeko and launched in mid-2022, adapts the idea to the universe of Riot’s famous MOBA. They credit as inspiration not only Wordle, but also Tusmo, Worldle, Cemantix, and Commander Codex.

    Each day, there are four challenges to solve: champion, quote, ability, and splash. In each of them you must guess a League champion based on different information, most self-explanatory, with the champion challenge having the most details. After you guess a champion, seven boxes compare its gender, position, species, resource, range, region, and release year to the mystery champion of the day, changing colors to green, yellow, or red depending on how correct those features are. Those are the clues that can get you closer to the answer, but you can also get a quote, an ability, and a splash art to help with the task.

    For the quote challenge, LoLdle displays one random quote from a League champion. After a few wrong guesses, you get an additional audio clue, which is the voice track from the quote as said by the champion in-game. The ability challenge displays the icon of one random ability, which may be Q, W, E, R, or the passive ability, from one random champion. If you get a few guesses wrong, it also displays the ability’s name as an additional hint. And the splash challenge displays a portion of one random splash art in the game, which can be from a champion or a skin, zooming out with each incorrect guess.

    LoLdle resets every 24 hours, bringing in a new batch of challenges, but as stated in their FAQ, they prefer not to use the standard “midnight local time” as reset time. Instead, you can be placed either with Europe (UTC +2) or the U.S. (UTC -6), depending on which one is closest to you, with your game resetting at midnight in that time zone.

    Below you will find the champion related to today’s quote challenge, as well as a compilation of past LoLdle quote answers.

    LoLdle quote of the day answer

    Past LoLdle quote of the day answers

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    LoLdle Quote Today (January 30): Hints and Answer

    LoLdle Quote Today (January 30): Hints and Answer

    If you are currently taking a break from watching League of Legends Worlds, then you might already be trying out the LoLdle quote of the day. If you are familiar with Wordle, then you should have no problem getting into LoLdle.

    Whether or not you are a hardcore League of Legends fan looking up the latest patch notes or a casual, LoLdle has a very low entry barrier. Here, we go over today's LoLdle Quote of the day and what the answer is.

    What is the LoLdle quote today?

    In Quote of the Day, players are tasked to find out who is saying the quote from the game.

    All you have to do is enter the name of the champion who says the quote in League of Legends.

    The LoLdle quote on January 30th is "Joy is not an easy power to master. It infects you, becomes you."

    Now it's time to start guessing who has said this quote in League of Legends.

    According to Riot, there are more than 140 champions for you to guess, so it might take a little bit of guessing. Thankfully, LoLdle is aware that it might be hard for players to remember every champion. So as you are typing in your guess, LoLdle will autofill some names of champions as suggestions for you to guess from.

    What is the LoLdle quote answer today?

    If you are unable to guess which champion says the quote after around 8 guesses, you will actually be able to hear the quote from the champion themselves. This should give you a huge hint on who to guess.

    If you are still unable to guess which champion said this quote, the answer to the Quote of the Day in LoLdle on January 30th is Nilah. 

    And that's all. For more on the game, check our section dedicated to League of Legends news, guides, updates, tips, and more.

    Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.

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    Today’s Loldle Classic, Ability, Splash Quote Answer 199, Jan 21

    LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution - They cannot fight the cold

    LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution - They cannot fight the cold

    League of Legends features multiple Champions with ice-based powers as Riot Games created an entire area for the in-game universe where embracing the cold was the only way to survive.

    After one of the Champions from Freljord being featured in the Classic puzzl e, we are getting one in the quote section as well, teasing us to figure out who says "They cannot fight the cold".

    Interestingly enough, Freljord has more than just three Avarosan Champions but two of them were featured in the same day as this quote belongs to Lissandra, the Ice Witch.

    Her in-game musings often revolve around the power of the Watchers and their inevitable return while her demeanour fits her cold personality, leading players to believe she is a villain.

    The Ice Witch's motives might be too complex to be seen in black and white though since she is also the one that uses her magic to keep the Watchers frozen in Black Ice.

    Considering the LoL MMO will need villains, it's highly likely they will eventually manage to break out and we will need to come together to fight them but the game is still several years out so we will have to wait a bit.


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