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    microsoft office free download

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    Download and install or reinstall Microsoft 365 or Office 2021 on a PC or Mac

    Office​​​​ for business

    If your Office for business subscription plan includes the desktop version of the Office apps you won't see an option to install it unless someone in your organization assigned a license to you.

    Learn how to check this in What Microsoft 365 business product or license do I have? or if you're a Microsoft 365 admin responsible for assigning licenses to people in your organization, see Assign licenses to users.

    Once you verify you have a license, anytime you need to install or reinstall Office you can go straight to the section below, Sign in to download Office and select the tab for steps to install on a PC or Mac. You'll sign in with your work or school account for these versions of Office.

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    Free download Microsoft Office for PC(Windows 10)

    Microsoft Office has been a well-known office suite around the world since its first release. It’s a paid office suite that requires one-time purchase, or monthly or yearly subscription(Microsoft 365). It supports PC systems like Windows 10 and Windows 11. But for new comers, free download and one-month trial is also available.

    · The steps to free download Microsoft Office for PC(Windows 10)

    The new launched Microsoft Office version Microsoft 365 offers one-month free trial for users. Different from it previous versions, Microsoft 365 requires monthly or yearly subscription and offers opportunities for users to get more close into their products before downloading and paying for them.

    First, open Microsoft Office official website and choose the suitable subscription plan according to your actual needed.

    Microsoft Office 365 mainly provides two types of plans for uses, namely, Microsoft 365 for home and Microsoft 365 for Business. Now we go through the brief introductions to these two versions.

    Microsoft 365 for home:

    You can further choose between Family version and Personal version. Family version is designed for up to 6 people, who share the same subscription plan. Personal version is designed for only 1 people, who enjoys a separate account for download.

    Microsoft 365 for business:

    It is designed for attendees of a big company and different ranges of services are available and determined by the specific subscription plan.

    Second, click Try free for 1 month on the right of the interface.

    And then click Try 1 month free.

    Third, log in to your account or create a new one.

    Notes: The free trial is only available for new customers. If you previously purchased a product of Microsoft Office, you are not able to download it for free trial.

    Finally, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint that supports Windows 10 will be downloaded and installed into your computer.

    I hope the above information helps you a lot. To know more office suites for free download, we recommend you to get to know about other free office suites via the following links:

    The best free alternative office suite to Microsoft Office | WPS Office.

    7 professional office software, come and download quickly.

    Download 8 recommended office tools to boost your work efficiency.

    Welcome to know more about WPS Office, the best free alternative to Microsoft Office. WPS Office is an all-in-one and feature-rich office suite that integrates WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Presentation and WPS PDF editor. It’s free for downloading and using the basic yet powerful functions.

    Yazı kaynağı : www.wps.com

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