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    t.r. istanbul governorship provincial directorate of migration management

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    Revised February, 2023 – Resource, Directorate General of Migration Management Turkey
    Globalization all over the world with political, economic and social changes undoubtedly one of the most important recent migration movements in the international arena. Immigration is a dynamic process that concerns everyone and every structure.
    In the past half century immigrant the rapid increase in population in the world, in line with the developments in the coming years expected to continue to grow. Turkey, a transit country for migration to other countries, the position of the regional and today by global dynamics has become a destination country.
    As of 2017 in the system there has been 18.000 new residence permit applications, processed daily.
    You may visit the Turkish Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management official website.

    In this context General Our Directorate; global, regional and national scale on a very important mission whether on the basis of people-oriented, reliable, providing a balance of freedom and security, innovation clear, consistent and predictability, overcoming of duties and responsibilities within a as an institution continues to work.
    The secret of corporate success: strategic thinking, creating an effective coordination system, and of course, the tools of the discipline of planning in the ability to be used effectively reserved.
    Modern public administration offered by the Directorate as a requirement of services, human and solution-oriented approach with the principles of transparency and accountability within the framework adopted as a principle to perform.

    The Republic of Turkey General Directorate e-ikamet residence from its inception the activities with great care and devotion performing and public safety and human effective migration management by considering the balance of rights it continues. Middle of our organization in this direction and long-term goals and objectives in determining the Strategic Plan which played an important role in the works has come to an end.
    Determining the activities of the General Directorate top with a comprehensive legislation, policy documents by scanning, regular and irregular migration in the field of at the national and international level will be an example a standard implementation is targeted at.
    To promote orderly migration for foreigners No. 6458 foreigners and international protection in accordance with the law have rights and obligations related to access to coordination with all public institutions and organizations the provision of foreigners and irregular migrant development of measures to prevent a situation it is intended to.

    Related to prevent irregular migration in this field basic policies for the efficient creation of adopted as a priority, the General Directorate the process of irregular migration movements related to active in the way the execution is aimed at, those seeking international protection in our country active in the business and operations of strangers and human the rights-based approach to be carried out in a manner, and temporary scope of protection under the protection of foreigners in provision of access to rights and services.
    Taking within the structure of the General Directorate and Country of origin, creating an International Information System Protection and the procedures of temporary protection in a healthy way it is targeted at the execution. With the management system migration and foreigners to respond to the requirements of a holistic harmony create the policy, foreigners in our country re-back placed social life in their home countries on their return without the mediation of third parties in all areas will make it easier for you to act independently it is aimed to gain knowledge and skills.

    Planned new regulations in the area of migration the necessary technical-technological infrastructure of creation of scientific methods of analysis development and migration of business relevant to the institution and its operations and integration of information systems in organizations it is intended to provide.


    Yazı kaynağı : residencepermitturkey.com



    Revised February, 2023 – Resource, Directorate General of Migration Management Turkey


    Important Regulation Of Residence Permit Of Foreigners: The flash decision has been made in Istanbul for 2 districts Fatih Göç İdaresi and Esenyurt Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürülğü the Turkish government immigration offices. Important regulation of Turkey residence permit of foreigners. General Directorate of Migration Management administration limited “E-ikamet Residence Permit Applications” for foreigners in Turkey with exceptions. The decision taken will apply to Esenyurt and Fatih districts, except for student residence permit requests.

    Turkey iResidence, “General Directorate of Migration Administration, Istanbul Esenyurt and Fatih districts of foreigners for investment purposes short-term residence permit requests and “student residence permit” requests of students registered in universities, except for the first applications for residence permit will not be accepted from 2021 January 15 was reported.” was said.

    In a statement made on the social media account of the General Directorate of migration administration, Fatih and Esenyurt districts for the purpose of residence permit applications by foreigners “restrictions” have been imposed.

    The statement included following statements: “Short-term residence permit requests in accordance with paragraph (j) of the first paragraph (for investment purposes) of Article 31 of the Law No. 6458 for Fatih district and student residence permit requests of students enrolled in universities in Fatih district, except, Esenyurt of Article 31 of law 6458 paragraph for paragraph (J) specified in (investment) of the same item and immovable Esenyurt provided in Paragraph (B) (immovable for the purposes of the scope of short-term requests for a residence permit at universities in Esenyurt Esenyurt requests and excluding students who are registered for a student residence permit in the district of Fatih on January 15, 2021 from the date of initial applications will not be accepted.” was said.

    Where can I obtain 2021 Turkish tax number? Foreigners due to pandemic, now can apply without going to the Turkish State Tax Office for Turkish tax number online in Turkey here and download the PDF file and print.


    Important About Working Hours Regulation Of Residence Permit Of Foreigners: In accordance with Covid-19 measures, Turkish government immigration working hours were re-organized in our provincial directorate within framework of the governor’s instructions.

    1. Fatih Provincial Directorate: 10.00-16.00

    2. Ümraniye Working Group Presidency 10.00-16.00

    3. Pendik Working Group Chair: 10.00-16.00

    4. Besiktas Working Group Presidency: 10.00-16.00

    5. Beylikdüzü Working Group Presidency: 10.00-16.00

    6. Sultanbeyli Asia Coordination Center: 10.00-16.00

    7. Kumkapi European Coordination Center: 10.00-16.00 (for appointment transactions, purchases will start at 09.30.)

    Public service will not be provided after working hours. During working hours, only people who have an appointment or are invited to our institution by our Provincial Directorate will be able to receive services.

    In addition, with decision of the Istanbul governorship provincial Hifzissihha board dated 18.09.2020 and numbered 92, the application of “life fits home (HES)” was started.

    In this context, in our province; public institutions and organizations where people work or work together, banks, PTT, cargo, notary, etc. employees working in such institutions, organizations and enterprises, as well as people who apply to such places or come to receive services, were asked for the HES code and decided to take them to workplaces and perform their operations.

    For this reason, foreigners who come to our Provincial Directorate of migration administration should also come by receiving the HES code.

    How To Get Hes Code For Foreigners To Enter Government Offices? Write by leaving a space between them and HES, respectively; You can get a HES code for foreigners by typing nationality (IRN), passport number, date of birth (in years), last name and finally number of days.

    Example: HES IRN H42434275 1977 VAZIRI 7

    Persons with foreign identity of the Republic of Turkey (starting with foreign identity number 97, 98, 99) ;

    Write by leaving a space between them and HES, respectively;

    They can receive the foreign identification number by writing down the year of birth and the number of days that the HES code should be valid and sending an SMS to 2023. HES Code can be obtained through the links below.




    Important About Residence Permit Application Files By Registered Mail / Cargo: Foreigners who have Turkey residence permit appointment between 01.06.2020-17.08.2021 in Istanbul Province will receive residence permit application files by registered mail or by cargo on strict basis.

    Considerations during application;

    1. foreigners who request a short-term and Family Residence Permit as a type of residence permit will forward their documents by registered or cargo with a return of files by mail. Except for these types of residence permits, residence permit requests will continue without mailing.

    2. Foreigners will forward their residence permit application files to the address of the Working Group heads of the district where the appointment is located, as indicated in the appointment form, with their files returned by mail or by cargo. (Addresses of relevant District Working Group chairs are included in the e-residence appointment forms)

    3. The documents will be mailed to the District Working Group chairmanship, otherwise the applications will not be evaluated.

    4. Evaluation of residence permit applications will start from the date when the application file reaches the relevant District Working Group presidencies.

    5. Each application will be mailed separately and sent to the District Working Group chairmanship.(For example: 3 separate mailings will be made in family of 3 people.The documents of the family of 3 will not be sent in single mail.)

    6. Delivery of documents from hand to the head of the District Working Group will certainly not be accepted, and only documents with a registered return by mail or via cargo will be sent to the head of the District Working Group selected in the appointment form.

    7. All information in the appointment form must necessarily coincide with the information and documents submitted.

    8. If any on purpose false statement is made, as indicated under the title of civil liability of the appointment form, the relevant person or persons 5237 of the Turkish Criminal Code 206. As the action will be taken in accordance with the article, the applications for residence permits of the foreigner Pakistani person or persons concerned will be rejected, if the residence permit has been granted, it will be canceled and the deportation process will be carried out.

    9. The basic documents that must be added to Application File are specified in e-residence application/registration form according to the types of residence permits, and additional information and documents may be requested in the related documents after the evaluation to be made by the administration.

    Application documents will be mailed according to the place of appointment. Contact information for place of application as;

    Besiktas Besiktas District Working Group: Gönenoğlu Sokak, No: 10 Gayrettepe Beşiktaş / ISTANBUL.

    (Besiktas Besiktas Family Health Center No. 1 and Besiktas District Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Directorate serves in the same building).

    Beylikduzu District Working Group presidency: Yakuplu Mahallesi Hürriyet Bulvarı No: 18 (Beylikduzu District governorship) Beylikduzu / ISTANBUL.

    Fatih district Working Group: Iskenderpaşa Mahallesi Yeşiltekke Sokak No: 33 Fatih / ISTANBUL
    Küçükçekmece District Working Group Presidency: Kartaltepe Mah. Cavalry Cad. No: 19 (District of Küçükçekmece )Küçükçekmece/ISTANBUL.

    Pendik district Working Group Chair: Doğu Mahallesi Ince Sokak No: 12 Floor: 1 (Pendik Prefect) Pendik / ISTANBUL

    Ümraniye district Working Group Chair: Necip Fazıl Mahallesi Gaffar Okkan Caddesi No: 3 (Adil Uncle Park) Ümraniye/ISTANBUL

    Maltepe district Working Group presidency: Altayçeşme District Oba cul-de-sac No: 8 (Maltepe district) Maltepe / ISTANBUL

    Esenyurt district Working Group Chair: Baglarçeşme Mahallesi Doğan Araslı Bulvarı no: 151/1 Old Government House Esenyurt / ISTANBUL

    The basic documents that must be present in all files that will be sent with a registered return by mail or cargo are as follows, respectively;

    Common Documents Requested For Short-term Residence Permit;

    1- All files will be sent separately in a full-cover file. .(For example, in a family of 4 people, it will be sent with 4 separate half-cover files.Documents of a family of 4 people should not be sent with a single half-cover file.)

    2- Signed application document form.(If the form is not signed, the file will be considered incomplete.)

    3- Biometric photo – 4 pcs.

    4- Copy of all pages traded with the page with the identity information of the passport or replacement document.

    5- Health insurance covering the requested period.

    6 – Receipts for payment of residence permit fee and residence permit card fee.

    7-Certificate of settlement.

    8- Copy of residence card – if any.

    For the child; birth certificate, consent and custody documents;

    For the supporter; a photocopy of the identity document, a judicial record document, a sample of Population Registration that shows the family status, an insurance document and other documents that are the basis for the application and specified in the application form.

    Common Documents Requested In Family Residence Permit;

    From The Person Requesting A Family Residence Permit;

    1- Wet signed E-residence application / registration certificate.

    2- Biometric photo -4 pcs.

    3- Copy of all pages traded with the page with the identity information of the passport or replacement document

    4 – Copy of residence card – if any.

    5- Certificate of settlement.

    6- Certificate Of Judicial Record.

    From promoter;

    1- Biometric photo – 2 pcs.

    2- Copy of the document replacing the passport or passport if it is foreign.

    3- Photocopy of the identity card if it is a Turkish citizen.

    4- Certificate of settlement.

    5- Case of Population Registration.

    6- Copy of marriage certificate – first three pages.

    7- Certificate Of Judicial Record.

    8- Valid health insurance covering all family members – SSK provision or private insurance.

    9- Document stating that it has sufficient and regular financial opportunities – payroll or bank account.

    10- Copy of foreigners Turkish work permit ID card.

    Yazı kaynağı : residencepermitturkey.com

    Visit the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management

    Visit the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management

    WALD paid a visit to the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management Social Cohesion and Communication Department on 26 March 2021. Serdar Dal, Head of Social Cohesion and Communication Group of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, Hülya Alper, Director of WALD Academy, Project Coordinator Nuriye Happani and Protection Officer Att. M. Orhan Koç participated in the visiting. At the meeting; Academy Director Hülya ALPER shared the WALD's founding history, as well as the works it has done and the projects it has carried out.

    In this context; WALD Project Coordinator Nuriye Happani shared the on-going “District Level Solutions For Syrians Under Temporary Protection and International Protection Applicants And Status Holders İn Istanbul: Supporting Social Protection, Community Mobilization, and Access to Formal Economy İn Cooperation with Municipalities Project” (11 Districts) initiated in 2017 in partnership with UNHCR. In the meeting where protection activities for refugees were also discussed within the scope of the project; Protection Officer M. Orhan Koç shared information on the dimensions of the sensitive case follow-up process encountered in the field.

    In Serdar DAL, Head of Social Cohesion and Communication Group of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management expressing his pleasure for being together, he explained the work done by the Directorate General Of Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Possible cooperation between the two institutions was also discussed at the meeting.

    Yazı kaynağı : www.wald.org.tr

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