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    we are aware that there is an issue with joining experiences. our team is actively working on it.

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    we are aware that there is an issue with joining experiences. our team is actively working on it. Ne90'dan bulabilirsiniz

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    Common Teamwork Interview Questions and Best Answers

    Bring your unique experience into EUROCONTROL! | EUROCONTROL

    Bring your unique experience into EUROCONTROL! | EUROCONTROL

    Yannis Pachos

    During my studies in business and IT, I was involved in several entrepreneurial team projects, one of which won an international award sponsored by the EU. I subsequently undertook a couple of internships in Greece before applying to EUROCONTROL, whose career paths matched my ambitions and goals.

    My first year in EUROCONTROL was as a Business Analyst and Financial Adviser trainee. When I completed my traineeship, I was offered the opportunity to become a contractor for one year in the Support to States unit, which I would later join as a contract staff member, additionally taking on responsibilities as a Programme Co-ordinator in the same unit. During the same period, I was still able in parallel to pursue my master’s degree, as ongoing professional development is considered very important at EUROCONTROL.

    Two months ago, I successfully applied for a higher role staff position in a different department and I’m now a Business Analyst focusing on Environmental Management and Information Systems within the Aviation Sustainability unit, which has given me a completely new perspective on everything.

    One of the best things about working at EUROCONTROL is the interaction with people from all around Europe. In addition, there are lots of out-of-hours activities with colleagues, and I particularly enjoy my membership of the tennis club. I like the fact that Brussels is so compact: almost everything is within walking or cycling distance. It’s also very easy to travel with Brussels as a base – visiting other countries couldn’t be simpler.

    Ultimately, a career with EUROCONTROL can take you anywhere you want to go. The people here are very supportive and easy-going and very willing to mentor you with their vast aviation experience and help you realise your goals – whatever they may be.

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