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    when you are lost in the darkness look for the light

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    What Does "When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light" Mean in The Last of Us?

    What Does

    HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation has brought everyone’s favorite characters and narratives from the video game franchise to the TV screen. For those who aren’t familiar with the IP, though, some of the backstory and lore might prove a little confusing. Here’s what you need to know about what “When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light” means in HBO’s The Last of Us.

    What the Writing On The Walls Means In HBO’s The Last of Us

    Throughout the Quarantine Zone, there is a recurring message painted on the exterior and interior walls of buildings scattered throughout the Quarantine Zone. It’s also a motivational message during conversations held between certain individuals. This message in question is as follows: “When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light.”

    There’s actually more to this message than meets the eye, as it’s closely tied to the organization known as the Fireflies.

    The Fireflies are a militia group who are intent on pushing back against the Military power FEDRA and its hold over numerous Quarantine Zones. Their motive is to restore a functioning governmental system that is (presumably) democratic. Despite the Fireflies’ efforts, however, they’ve not been doing so well in this plight; locked in a constant struggle, their numbers are dwindling, and hopes for their cause are slowly dying. To help spread their ideals and cause among the likes of regular citizens, the Fireflies preach the very saying that’s written on the walls; “When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light”

    To put it simply, the Fireflies have painted this saying on the walls of buildings and various areas throughout the Quarantine Zone in order to keep their cause alive in the heads of civilians, and potentially turn a few towards joining their organization here and there.

    That’s everything you need to know about what “When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light” means in HBO’s The Last of Us. For more on the show, check out Twinfinite’s related content, including who Marlene is, whether Joel and Tess are a couple, and How Ellie got caught.

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    The Social Chip

    The Social Chip

    If you’re clicking on this, then you must know that these contain FULL spoilers for moments in the game.

    #6: The Prologue

    Most people that have read anything on The Last Of Us already know that the first 15 minutes of this game are truly remarkable. I really don’t want to spoil what exactly happens (even though I have in pretty much every other post) just in case some one accidentally reads this, but it surprised me how emotionally invested I was just from the first few minutes of the game, and that’s yet another nod to Naughty Dog’s execution in this scene and game. It really sets the tone for everything to come, and specifically for Joel’s character, because it shaped who he was even more than the outbreak itself. And if I haven’t stressed it yet enough, the soundtrack adds such a powerful dimension to this scene and game that you just don’t find in other games.

    We also get a brief commentary at the end outlining the severity of the outbreak, and more importantly, our first introduction to the Fireflies. The mass amount of critical acclaim will sell this game, but the prologue scene will lock you in from start to finish. If it weren’t for later scenes that are fully fleshed out and critical to our two protagonists journey, the prologue scene could easily be considered the most powerful and best in the game. Watch it below:

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